• Die casting Molds

Up to 1500mm x 850mm

. Average mold build time

   for <400tn   8-10 weeks          for <700tn   10-12 weeks             for <1250tn 10-14 weeks

• Casting Simulation Result

Optimal gate system

Solidification check

Tool and alloy ideal temperatures

Shrinkage and Porosity detection

Gas/Air Entrapment location

Casting defects elimination

Mold designed on clients machine characteristics

Full list of information for machine set up

Best performance during tool operation

• Gate system design and tool optimization service

Evaluation of tool design and gate system for companies without casting simulation software

• Trimming Dies

Up to 1500mm x 850mm

. Average die build time 6-10 weeks

• Tool trial - Pilot Run possibility

< 300tn in our facilities (Huber 300tn and Zitai 150tn)

>300tn our network foundries (up to 1250tn)

• Mold Service

Maintenance and Re-polishing

Stress relief process

Special repair or geometry update

Tool refurbishment